Sanctuary City of Los Angeles Considers Criminal Charges Against Texas and Governor Abbott for Sending Them Illegal Immigrants

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Los Angeles is supposedly a sanctuary city but they don’t want anyone to take them up on that policy.

Texas has sent less than 500 illegal border crossers to L.A. and the city council there is so angry that they are considering pursuing legal and even criminal actions against Texas and Governor Greg Abbott.

How do you think Los Angeles would feel if they were dealing with thousands of illegals, as many much smaller border towns do on a regular basis.

ABC News in Los Angeles reports:

As 11th bus of migrants arrives, LA considering criminal charges against Texas

On a day when another bus of migrants from Texas arrived in Los Angeles, the City Council on Wednesday approved a motion asking the City Attorney’s Office to investigate whether Texas Gov. Greg Abbott committed any crimes when he sent 42 migrants on a 23-hour bus ride to downtown L.A. in June.

The motion requests the city attorney to begin proceedings on any potential civil legal action that could be taken against the state of Texas, Abbott, or any other entity involved in the planning and action of busing migrants to Union Station, where they arrived June 14.

The council voted 13-0 to approve the motion, which was first introduced by council members Eunisses Hernandez, Nithya Raman, Monica Rodriguez and Hugo Soto-Martinez on June 16. Hernandez and Councilman Curren Price were absent during the vote.

Texas has sent a total of 11 buses of migrants to Los Angeles, beginning with the June 14 arrival, containing a total of 435 migrants.

Here’s a video report:

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Los Angeles is a sanctuary city but they’re outraged about 435 illegals? Really?

Greg Abbott should send a few more buses to Los Angeles. And then a few more.

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