San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León: The La Chapiza Mob Interrogate Three Captives

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A new video of 3 kidnapped males has just surfaced online. It is mentioned that they belong to the Los Gatos Cartel. 

Based off of what was released they are a splinter cell of the Beltran Leyva Cartel who have a presence in the wealthy city of San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León.

They captives are accused of charging fees, extortion and kidnapping. What happened off camera afterwards is unknown at this time. 

Video translation is as follows: 

Interrogator: Give me your names and monikers. 

Captive #1: My name is Julio César Ramírez Quiroz aka El Pablo. 

Captive #2: My name is Carmaval Martinez Valdez aka El Debo. 

Captive #3: My name is Hector Elliot Vasquez Valdez. People call me El Chon. 

Interrogator: Which cartel did you guys work for?

Captives in unison say: For the Los Gatos. 

Interrogator: What happened to your boss El 13?

Captives in unison say; He was killed. 

Interrogator: From now on the kidnappings, extortions, and charging fees will not be allowed here anymore. No one will be allowed to come into the city of San Pedro. The only group in charge here will be the Chapiza mob, gunmen for El General. Do you understand this?

Captives in unison say: Yes sir. 

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