San Miguel Octopan, Guanajuato: Grupo Elite Executes Santa Rosa de Lima Operative Who Threatened Mencho

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“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

In a video released at the beginning of November by Borderland Beat. Where members for the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel threatened and insulted El Mencho on film. 

Operatives for Grupo Elite, the armed wing of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel have recorded themselves participating in a home invasion at night. 

And executing with a barrage of gunfire one of the alleged men who insulted their leader Mencho. 

Warning: Graphic video

Digital and video translation is as follows:

Victor Daniel Elizondo Martínez is one of the individuals who participated in a group challenging and insulting the leaders for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. He was located at his home in San Miguel Octopan. He was executed with gunfire by the Grupo Elite of the CJNG. 

Sicario #1: Open the door!

Sicario #2: Get on your knees, get on your knees!

Captive: Wait, wait! 

Sicario #2: Quickly get down!

Sicario #3: Drag him out, drag him out, drag him out!

Sicario #2: Get on your knees!

Sicario #3: Drag him the fuck out!

Sicario #2: Everyone else needs to get inside!

Sicario #3: We’re in charge here you son of a bitch!

Captive: No,no,no!

Sicario #3: Everyone else get inside, get inside! Drag yourself this way you dog! Walk this way! Walk this way! Walk this way!  Get on your knees, get on your knees!

Captive: Wait, wait, wait!

Sicario #3: Get on your knees, get on your fucking knees!

Captive: Ok. But tell me why?

Sicario #3: Stay the fuck down!

Captive: No buddy, you’re mistaken! No! Cousin no!

Sicario #3: This is one of those sons of bitches who made that video insulting my father Mencho. 

Captive: No,no,no, buddy! That wasn’t me!

Sicario #2: I’m still recording here. Let everyone know why, let them know why this happened. 

Sicario #3: This is what happens for insulting my father Mencho you son of a bitch!

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