San Luis Potosí Governor Denounces That Citizens Can Buy Firearms Through Parcel Delivery

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* Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, lamented that anyone can carry a gun and carry out violent acts in the streets.

After a couple of armed conflicts took place last Monday, one on highway 57 and the other in the El Dorado Shopping Plaza, the governor of San Luis Potosi, Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, affirmed that now anyone can access firearms, even by parcel delivery. This represents a latent security problem that must be addressed from a young age, said the governor.

“Any person now has access to a gun even by parcels, and it is very unfortunate that this is happening. Any person has a .22 or .38 in his house, any person feels like Robocop and goes out and undoes things. Society today is in a very bad shape”. Said the governor of San Luis Potosi.

Ricardo Gallardo Cardona stated that something has to be done to “reshape society, but from the grassroots”. He explained that, for his part, he tries to have a lot of contact with young people, in order to prevent them from taking the wrong path and end up committing criminal acts. He is committed to education and to dissuading people from having firearms in their homes.

Finally, the governor said that the vast majority of people who engage in drug dealing lack education, they are forced to get ahead in life through the sale of illicit substances. However, this would not happen if there were not a high demand for these types of products and very permissive spaces on this issue.

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