San Luis Potosi: CJNG’s Bélica Interrogates An Operative For Los Alemanes, Then Dismembers Him

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“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

In recent days Borderland Beat released a video of a new armed criminal cell known as Operativa Bélica or the Bloodthirsty Operatives. This particular cell is suspected of being an armed wing for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. 

And in their fight for control and supremacy in the state of San Luis Potosí. An operative from the opposing the Los Alemánes Cartel has been captured alive. 

Within this broadcast the illicit affairs of their criminal counterparts are narrated before the camera. The fate of this captive can only be seen within the pictures, this man was dismembered off camera away from prying eyes.

In addition the following film has been deemed safe for all to see.

Video translation is as follows:

Interrogator: What’s your name?

Captive: My name is Juan Carlos Castro.

Interrogator: What’s your nickname?

Captive: El Rana.

Interrogator: Where are you originally from?

Captive: I am from La Pila, San Luis Potosí.

Interrogator: Which cartel do you belong to?

Captive: I belong to the Los Alemanes Cartel.

Interrogator: Which functions did you have within this cartel?

Captive: I sold narcotics, charged a protection fee, extorted, robbed, and kidnapped.

Interrogator Do you personally know Pollo Alemán?

Captive: Yes.

Interrogator: What about his son Luis Alemán?

Captive: Yes sir.

Interrogator: How did you come to know him?

Captive: I met him at a gathering that we had.

Interrogator: How did you come to know these men?

Captive: It all happened at a safe house off of the 57 thoroughfare just ahead of the junction. Right behind this restaurant known as 77.

Interrogator: Who all was at this meeting?

Captive: The commanders for El Alemán were there. El Seco, El Ruso, El Pantera Zaragoza, El Guerrero, and Mr. Menchaca of the Municipal Police.

Interrogator: How did Comandante Alemán present himself?

Captive: He presented himself as the leader for the Alemánes Cartel.

Interrogator: How would you describe Commander Alemán?

Captive: He’s tall, chubby, and dark skinned.

Interrogator: How was he dressed?

Captive: He was dressed in slacks, a cowboy hat, and dark shades.

Interrogator: What all was discussed at this meeting?

Captive: The distribution of drugs was discussed. Along with extortions, protection fees, kidnapping’s, and commissions.

Interrogator: Were the commissions that were due given to them.

Captive: No sir. In fact we actually did a job where we kidnapped a man in the town of Ojo de Gato. We asked for 5 million pesos to secure his release. But we didn’t get anything.

Interrogator: Who all participated in that kidnapping?

Captive: It was El Guerrero, Pipo, Taneques, Mike, Conejo, Pichin, Ismael, Raul, and Velle.

Interrogator: Which vehicles did Commander Aleman have?

Captive: A grey Chevy Silverado pick up. Along with a white Ram truck.

Interrogator: Were they armored?

Captive: Yes sir.

Interrogator: How many individuals did he have among his group?

Captive: About 25 to 30 individuals.

Interrogator: Which type of vehicles were they in?

Captive: I was unable to see all that sir.

Interrogator: Were they armed?

Captive: Yes sir they were. They had long rifles, short weapons, plate carriers, balaclavas, Kevlar helmets, and all dressed in black.

Interrogator: What happened after that meeting?

Captive: We were invited to a cookout, chicken, drinks, and alcohol.

Interrogator: What happened once the meeting was over?

Captive: Comandante Alemán threatened us. He said we could never leave this cartel because we knew his identity. And whoever wanted to leave would be killed.

Warning: Graphic pictures below this point.  

Narco message reads as follows: 

This was my fate because I was kidnapping and thieving for Luis Alemán, Commander Menchaca, and El Pato of the Ministerial Police. Sincerely, Commander Tornado

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