San Luis Potosí: CJNG leaves a manta for rivals

Latin America World
Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí – Insecurity arises every time a narco manta appears in the Vallense town. 
As it so happened yesterday at dawn when another message was found outside a commercial establishment on Avenida Ejército Mexicano.
In their message they address certain people from a rival group stating that they have 24 hours to

leave town. 

Manta reads as follows:

Operativo L-23

Look here you sons of bitches. Flaco, you just fucked yourself in this town. L23 is speaking to you Chikis, Yogui, and Beto. You have 24 hours to get the fuck out of here.  

We will fucking destroy everyone who continues to supports these guys. You’re about to find out where this dick came in from. 

CJNGL23 #border