Salabata: countries supporting terrorism bear responsibility for destabilizing Middle East and Europe

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Prague, SANA- Head of Czechoslovak institute for international relations Jaromir Salabata said that the terrorist organizations’ ideology in Syria pose a threat to the security and stability not only in the Middle East region, but also in Europe.

 In a statement to SANA on Wednesday, Salabata, held the states, which provided support and finance to the terrorist organizations, in addition to the silence of the international community, responsibility for the serious threats they pose.

He stressed the importance of unifying efforts of the international community to confront those terrorists and their destructive thoughts, enhancing capabilities of the countries that deal with them and taking resolute and effective measures towards the countries that support them.

Salabata hailed sacrifices of the Syrian people and army in facing terrorists, expressing his confidence that Syria will overcome terrorism and thwart the schemes targeting it.

 Rafah al-Allouni/Hala Zain