Rustlers: Armed Men Hold up Truck Transporting Cattle

Latin America World

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta

                                 Armed group steals cattle from cargo truck in Mexicali, BC

Last night hooded and armed criminals surprised the driver of a cargo truck that moved several cattle when he was driving on the road to San Felipe, BC.

The emergency call was made around 04:30 hours, but the crime occurred three hours earlier, when two people were traveling in the cargo truck owned by the Valenzuela company;  transporting 12 cattle, according to the C4 report.

According to what was narrated by the victims, a man and his wife, two pick ups, white with strobes, stopped the cargo vehicle and asked to board it. They seemed to imitate ministerial vehicles.

Believing that they were policemen, they obeyed the mandate. Several hooded people descended from the vehicles and forced them to descend, then took them to one of the pick-up trucks, where they were driven around for several hours, then returned to the crime scene again.

The assailants again ordered them to get on the ground and lay face down until they left, an order they obeyed when threatened with firearms.

When they finally braced themselves, they checked the back of the truck, discovering that the cargo had been stolen. It was at that time that they asked for help from the authorities, who began with the investigations.


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