Russian Warships Are Escorting Iranian Tankers To Syria

USA World

HI Sutton Image used with permission 

Last week, the Iranian-flagged oil tanker Samah entered the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal. After a few miles, the 900-foot-long ship stopped reporting its position and destination. 
Evidence suggests the ship sailed to Syria, escorted by two Russian Navy ships, including a destroyer. 
Russia’s role in protecting the shipment may change the dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean. 
In the past, Iranian tankers sailing to Syria have been intercepted by the U.K. Royal Navy. The Russian Navy escort could be viewed as a precautionary step, raising the political and military risks of any intervention by the Royal Navy or others. 
WNU Editor: This is all for show. These Iranian tankers can be seized in the Red Sea before they enter the Suez canal.