Russian Test Pilot Flies Su-57 Fighter Jet Without Its Canopy

USA World
Because sometimes you just have to take a cruise without the shield that protects you from freezing to death. 
 * A test pilot in Russia has flown the country’s new Su-57 fighter jet without its protective canopy. 
 * Footage of the test appears briefly in a video uploaded by Russia’s Ministry of Defense to YouTube.   * The test was likely to ensure there were no issues in case the canopy accidentally … went away. 
Russia’s Ministry of Defense has dropped a new video that includes some very unusual flying. In the video, a pilot is flying Russia’s long-in-the-works Sukhoi Su-57 fighter jet, known to NATO as the “Felon,” without the usual plexiglass cockpit canopy that protects him from the elements. The flight is likely taking place to ensure there are no unexpected issues flying the plane if the canopy were to suddenly come off. 
WNU Editor: The missing canopy shot is at the 1:10 mark, but the whole video is worth watching
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