Russian President Putin Hopes That President Trump Will Visit Moscow On V-Day

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FILE PHOTO: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet in Helsinki, Finland, 2018 © Reuters / Kevin Lamarque

RT: Trump’s V-Day visit to Moscow would be ‘the right thing to do’ even during election season – Putin

As Russia prepares to celebrate the May 2020 anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis in World War II, President Vladimir Putin said that a visit from Donald Trump would be “the right thing to do,” even during an election campaign.

Trump’s re-election campaign will be in full swing next May, when Russia marks the 75th anniversary of the Soviet and allied victory over the Nazi Germany. While the US president’s opponents will likely still be hammering him on his “friendliness” with Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader told reporters on Thursday that a visit from Trump would be fitting.


WNU Editor: For Russia V-Day is a big day. The symbolism behind a President Trump visit will be huge.

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