Russian Hospitals Near Capacity With Covid-19 Patients

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Disinfection of the Kievsky railway terminal amid the COVID-19 pandemic © Mikhail Dzhaparidze/TASS 

As Russia faces a new surge in coronavirus cases, the country’s hospitals have become overwhelmed, with health officials reporting on Tuesday that bed capacity is nearing 90 percent. 
Alexander Vanyukov, a surgeon at Moscow’s Clinical Hospital No. 52, one of the country’s key health facilities, told The Moscow Times that all 900 spots in the coronavirus ward were filled on September 28. “We’re out of beds,” he said. 
Two weeks later, it seems that Russia’s coronavirus situation is only getting worse. The day Vanyukov warned that his hospital was struggling to handle the influx of patients, Russia reported 8,135 new daily cases. On Wednesday, Russia hit a record-breaking daily high. 
Rospotrebnadzor, a federal executive body that is acting as the country’s coronavirus task force, said there were 14,231 new cases in the past 24 hours, beating Tuesday’s previous high of 13,868 cases.
WNU Editor: All of my family and friends in Russia are OK, but I do not know how long that will last. They are all self isolating, trying to keep contact with others at a minimum. I only learned this morning that my aunt in Ukraine (on my mother’s side) and her family are sick with Covid-19. My aunt is 88 and in otherwise good health, but this disease is unforgiving when it hits the elderly. I also know that certain parts of Ukraine are in a crisis situation right now. Western media has not reported on it yet, but I learned that their hospitals are full, and care is being rationed. 
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