Russian Frigate Kazanets Collided With A Cargo Vessel In The Baltic Sea

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Cargo ship Ice Rose after collision (Maritime Bulletin)

Warzone/The Drive: Russian Warship Kazanets Collided With A Cargo Vessel In The Baltic Sea

The incident occurred in dense fog, but the Russian corvette reportedly had its tracking system deactivated.

A Russian Navy warship has now left Danish waters after colliding with a civilian cargo ship in the Baltic Sea. The mishap involved the Parchim-class corvette Kazanets and the Swiss-owned cargo ship Ice Rose, which is registered in the Marshall Islands.

The collision occurred yesterday, September 23, 2020, south of the five-mile Øresund Bridge that spans the strait between Denmark and Sweden. The Danish Armed Forces, or Forsvaret, announced the following day that the Kazanets had left the area and provided a photo of the damage to the Ice Rose, which subsequently headed north toward the Danish port of Odense. A large gash has been torn on the vessel’s starboard side, towards the stern, penetrating the hull above the waterline.

With an 800-ton displacement and a length of just over 236 feet, the Kazanets is dwarfed by the Ice Rose, which is over 475 feet long and which has a cargo capacity of 14,567 tons.

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Update: Russian Navy frigate collided with Swiss reefer. Reefer damages photo (Maritime Bulletin)

WNU Editor:
If the cargo ship sustained this type of damage (see above picture), I can only image what the damage on the much smaller Russian frigate Kazanets is.