Romanian startup Bunnyshell expands to the Middle East

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Romanian IT startup Bunnyshell, which provides environments for software creators, is expanding into the markets of the Middle East after concluding a partnership with a technology company based in Kuwait, according to a company statement.

Bunnyshell announced that it has concluded a partnership with the Middle East Telecommunications Company (METCO), which will support the expansion of the Romanian startup in the Arab markets of the Gulf, reported.

Headquartered in Kuwait, METCO is a provider of information and communication technology solutions for telecommunications operators, large private companies and government institutions, and also has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq and Oman.

The Romanian startup estimates that, by the end of 2024, 70% of sales will be made outside Romania. Currently, 35% of Bunnyshell’s turnover is generated from global projects.

Bunnyshell is close to reaching the EUR 3.88 million target set in the financing round operated on the Seedblink platform, according to Ziarul Financiar.

(Photo: Alin Dobra, CEO Bunnyshell; source: the company)