Reynosa, Tamaulipas: State Police Attacked By An Armed Criminal Cell

Latin America World

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Armed men attack members of the Tamaulipas State Police on the Matamoros-Monterrey highway; one agent and one civilian are wounded.

The attack took place around 10:30 a.m. near the TItsa (Tamaulipecos International Transportation) company, in the east-west lane, when state agents were conducting surveillance patrols in two patrol cars and were surprised by the occupants of a white Jeep.

The police responded to the aggression in order to repel the attack, but one patrol car was damaged.

Other officers immediately supported the state agents, which triggered a chase through the neighborhoods of Las Cumbres and Las Fuentes. But there were no arrests, only high-risk situations.

The person affected by shrapnel in the crossfire was not identified by the authorities, and was apparently taken to a hospital in a privately owned vehicle.

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