Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Mexican Federal Forces Capture El Roque And His Bodyguards

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“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:
Female broadcaster: And now on security issues in Tamaulipas. El M58 was arrested following an operation that was implemented this morning. He is one of the operational chiefs for the Gulf Cartel. Good afternoon Carolina Garza. Go ahead with your report.
Carolina Garza: I greet you from the city of Reynosa where I am commenting in relation to this information that has been taking place during the morning hours and over the course of the last eight hours.
Here in the city of Reynosa this morning federal forces captured Roque Cruz Fuentes alias El Roque M58. He is identified as a criminal leader with operations in the Tamaulipas border. And is one of the main targets for the authorities. This following the search of properties in the El Olmito neighborhood in the northwest of the city. 
This operation also resulted in the arrest of eight other people and the rescue of a kidnapped woman. Since seven o’clock this morning, the overflight of three helicopters from the Ministry of National Defense was observed over the neighborhoods of Hacienda Las Fuentes, El Olmito and Las Camelias. As well as multiple patrols of the Mexican Army Special Forces and National Guard. 
The identity of the individuals who would face justice was kept secret until that time in the morning. Several hours later, a strong security device was maintained in the surrounding area. The Notario Miguel Aldrete Gutiérrez street in the Olmito neighborhood was closed off until this afternoon. Finally a search warrant issued by the Public Ministry was executed for two properties that had remained within this perimeter by security forces. 
El Roque and eight of his bodyguards were detained by federal agents. While a woman, an alleged kidnapped victim, was also taken to the investigation unit of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime. The detainees were taken in an armored bus to the facilities of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.