Reports: U.S. May Send 14,000 Additional Troops To The Middle East

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Show of force: The USS Abraham Lincoln and its carrier strike group sailed through the Strait of Hormuz last month

ABC News: Thousands more US troops could be headed to Middle East

The White House is weighing the possibility of sending thousands more U.S. troops to the Middle East to deter continued Iranian provocations, according to officials familiar with the planning. A U.S. official said sending more troops is pegged to possibly maintaining an enduring U.S. troop presence in the Middle East given the continued level of Iranian threats.

The White House has not yet made a decision on the possibility of sending more troops to the region, according to a U.S. official and a source familiar with the planning.

The idea of sending more American troops to the Middle East has been in the works for months but it is more likely given the threat from Iran right now, said the source familiar with the planning.


Update #1: Trump mulls sending additional 14,000 troops to Middle East: report (The Hill)
Update #2: Donald Trump is considering DOUBLING number of troops in the Middle East and sending ‘dozens’ more ships over threat from Iran (Daily Mail)

WNU Editor: The Pentagon is denying these reports …. Pentagon denies Trump considering sending thousands more troops to Mideast to counter Iran (Washington Examiner).

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