REPORT: Illegal Immigration Crisis is Crushing the Poorest Zip Codes in New York City

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Illegal immigrants arrive at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday.
Illegal immigrants arrive at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday. (@1010WINS / X)

In New York City, the arrival of thousands upon thousands of illegal border crossers is affecting the poorest parts of the city the most of all.

This is just another reminder that liberal elites rarely suffer the consequences of the policies that they advocate for. The suffering is for the little people, the poorest people, the people with no power to influence policy decisions.

This is one of the reasons why some people think Trump has a chance to win New York in November. These poor voters now understand that they are the ones who will suffer if these policies continue.

The New York Post reported:

New York City pols caused migrant crisis — now data prove it crushes poorest

Yet again, hard data prove that progressive madness is smashing New York’s most vulnerable: Three of the five NYC zip codes with the city’s highest concentration of migrant shelters are among its poorest areas.

Zip codes covering places like Jamaica, Queens, and East New York, Brooklyn — with median incomes below $37,300 — are getting slammed as migrant inflows climb to more than 200,000 since the start of the crisis.

The migrant arrivals bring not only an increasing drain on city services (almost $5 billion through May 31 and set to soar over the next two years), they also drastically lower the quality of life.

Take Long Island City, in Queens, home now to 12% of the 193 shelters hosting the 65,000-plus illegal immigrants in city care — shelters clustered around two public housing projects.

Residents are afraid to take their kids to local parks because migrants reportedly use them as electric scooter racetracks and public sex dens.

This is why people on the left lost their minds when a handful of illegals was sent to Martha’s Vineyard last year. Because that reminded people that wealthy liberals don’t bear the brunt of any of this.

If people in New York really want any of this to change, they have only one choice in November.