Report: China Would Wipe Out Asia-Based US Forces Within Hours In The Event Of War

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SCMP: Chinese missiles likely to cripple Asia-based US forces in event of conflict: report

* The report by Australia-based researchers urged US allies such as Australia and Japan to overhaul military investment to prevent American military might from being undermined in the region
* The report also detailed the prowess of the PLA Rocket Force, which is capable of making precision strikes as far from the mainland as Singapore

If an armed conflict broke out between Beijing and Washington, China’s hi-tech ballistic missiles would likely cripple the United States’ military bases and naval fleet across the Western Pacific region within hours, a new report by Australia-based researchers has said.

With China making rapid technological advancements and sharpening its hard power, the report urged the US and regional allies such as Australia and Japan to overhaul military investment and deployment plans, or face the prospect of American “military primacy” being undermined by the Asian power.

The 104-page report by the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney assessed US military strategy, spending and alliances in the region.


Update #1: Australia warned to divert Middle East military operations to counter China’s rise in Indo-Pacific (ABC News Online)
Update #2: Call to bolster north as Beijing threat grows (Australian)

WNU editor: The report is here …. Averting Crisis: American strategy, military spending and collective defence in the Indo-Pacific (The United States Study Center).