Replace Joe Biden on the Democrat Ticket? Be Careful What You Wish For.

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Almost every Democrat and leftist who saw the presidential debate on Thursday night and watched President Joe Biden melt down is “panicked” and plotting. From the legacy media, to mega-donors, to other Democrat electeds, they all want to know when Joe Biden will be replaced on the Democrat ticket


Our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar outlined cogently how it could be done, while moving historic VP Kamala Harris to the side in the process. So, as the speculation grows louder (so much for “democracy”), so does the floating of names on who could be potential replacements.


MSNBC’s Chief Political Analyst Chuck Todd pontificated about an open convention, and Joe Biden magnanimously releasing his delegates and walking away (not gonna happen).


Notice that Chuck Todd said the quiet part out loud: Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama run the show, and if they make noises about Joe stepping down, then stepping down is what he’s gonna do.

Friday afternoon, the first biracial president let his voice be heard, and he proclaimed that he is all in for Joe.


But these are Democrats, and they change the rules to suit their aims. Just ask Hillary Clinton in 2008 or Bernie Sanders in 2016. So, even though we’ve heard the shadow administration of Obama and the Biden campaign quelling such talk, we still must be concerned about who is being considered for his replacement. These names happen to be the trifecta of governors who delight in being authoritarians, capriciously trample on civil liberties, and who made the COVID mess even more of a living hell for their constituents because of it. 

Color us shocked.

Andrew Cuomo

We’ve known for a while that disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is on a comeback tour. While less thirsty than one of the other contenders here, Cuomo is still low-key slavering to get back into national politics, and like some others, doesn’t want to wait for 2028.

The disgraced former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo is plotting a political comeback as the mayor of the Big Apple, according to multiple reports. 

Cuomo, 65, resigned in 2021 amid a series of scandals including allegations of sexual harassment and claims that his administration lied about the number of Covid-19 deaths in nursing home across the Empire State – accusations which he has denied.  

Now rumors of a mayoral run come as the city’s current Mayor Eric Adams faces cripplingly low poll numbers as residents bemoan his inability to handle the migrant crisis, not to mention a pending federal investigation. 

A source close to Cuomo told  ‘The future is the future and he gets these questions often, which I think are fueled by the fact that many people are facing a crisis in confidence in government at many levels and now view the circumstances in which he left office as the political railroading that it was.’


So, Cuomo wasn’t a sexually harassing cretin who killed grandma, he was just politically railroaded. Mmmkay…

Fox News weather correspondent Janice Dean, whose in-laws died in one of Cuomo’s COVID nursing homes, is making it her mission to remind people what a horrible human Andrew Cuomo is and why he should be nowhere near public office again: 

Gretchen Whitmer

It is bemusing that the governor of Michigan even has a fan base after what she’s done to destroy the state. One of her biggest fans appeared on the “Piers Morgan Uncensored” podcast as part of a debate recap panel that was chock full of crazy, and included Trump’s former lawyer Jenna Ellis and “The Young Turks” founder Cenk Uygur. Most of the panel represented the cross-section of the progressive vote, so Morgan asked them who they thought would make a credible replacement for Biden. 

Cenk Uygur felt that CA Rep. Ro Khanna or MD Rep. Jamie Raskin would be popular and effective candidates, although both have little to no national name recognition. Morgan then asked podcaster and populist Vinny Oshana about Hillary Clinton, and Oshana felt as though she could be a credible threat. But Twitch streamer Hasan Piker took it right there, when he waxed eloquently about “Big Gretch” and doubled down with Jenna Ellis about how she was wrong about Whitmer’s policies.





This is the governor who called for seed and gardening supplies to be locked up during COVID, because God forbid you have the ability to grow your own food. The Twitch head Piker mansplained Ellis about abortion, when Ellis was exactly right. Whitmer has loudly championed abortion past birth. Even Axios has been using her name in vain:

Minutes after President Joe Biden walked off the debate stage, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was among the first names floated by pundits as a potential emergency replacement. […]

State of play: Whitmer’s stardom has grown in the national Democratic Party since she helped Michigan flip the Legislature, which scored the first Democratic trifecta in a generation.

Between the lines: Part of her appeal lies in her experience working across the aisle while championing Democratic causes like gun safety measures, abortion access and civil rights protections for LGBTQ+ residents.


My colleague Duke, who has suffered under the Whitmer regime, told me he doesn’t think she’ll do it. But Whitmer’s as power-mad as the rest of them, so don’t count her out. 

Gavin Newsom

The King of COVID hypocrisy and the worst governor in America is never where he should be (his failing state, California) and always chasing the national spotlight. But he’d never, never consider trying to fill Biden’s shoes. 

Here, pull the other leg. For those of us who have been sounding the alarm bells for years, he would be the worst choice to replace Joe Biden. You think inflation, our Southern border, and our infrastructure look bad now? Get Newsom in the White House, and it will become 1,000 times worse:


Many Democrats want to replace Biden with California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Doing so would be a disaster for the nation. Please consider these three key facts, and watch the video below for an overview: 

1. Newsom’s policies led directly to homelessness increasing by 31% in California, even as it decreased by 18% in the rest of the US from 2010-2020. Homelessness increased another 7.5% between 2022 and 2023. 

2. Newsom’s policies led directly to skyrocketing crime. One out of four San Francisco residents polled say they were a victim of crime in the last year, and 42% say they were a victim more than once. 

3. Rising crime and homelessness, high taxes, and unaffordable housing under Newsom has resulted in people fleeing the state. The state’s total population declined by 573,000 from its peak in 2020. 

I have interviewed hundreds of homeless people in California. Many, if not most, are from out of state. Many said they came to California so they could be paid to use hard drugs, in many cases to self-medicate severe mental illness. And many are assaulted and left to die, resulting in far higher rates of drug death than other parts of the nation. 

Don’t believe the hype: Newsom is not compassionate. He only cares about himself, and his policies result in grotesque cruelty.

Suffice to say, in the case of President Joe Biden, we might want to stick with the devil we know, even when the devil is barely functioning.


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