Puerto Rico (The United States of America): Puerto Rico Earthquake Situation Report #2 – January 10, 2020



• 5,244 people have lost their homes

• 1,792 people are currently living in official shelters; another 3,500 are living in non-traditional shelters, such as cars and tents, due to aftershock concerns

• 34 shelters have been established in schools, clinics, stadiums and municipal buildings

• Almost 270,000 households continue to be without water service

• 25 healthcare facilities continue to operate on backup generators

• 50% of power company customers (residential and industrial) remain without power

• 500 cell towers—20% of the country’s total—remain down

• Highways and roadway closures are widespread, due to rock- and landslides


Response operations continue to focus on food, water and shelter support, as ongoing damage assessments and needs identification shape program activities.

One death has so far been reported. Though this number has not increased since initial reports, secondary physical injuries and mental trauma among survivors is only just beginning to emerge, as communities begin to dig out from the rubble and wrestle with the thought of rebuilding homes, schools and other community resources.

Because the island’s water system has been affected by extensive power outages, the safety and accessibility of potable water and wastewater systems remain a critical element in the assessment of community needs.