Protests Continue In Hong Kong — News Updates September 1, 2019

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Daily Mail: Hong Kong’s pro-democracy campaigners block routes to the city’s airport after demonstrators hurled petrol bombs at tear gas-wielding police in some of the worst clashes in three months of protests

* Hundreds of protesters tried to stop traffic on the main road to the airport today and barricaded bus station
* Some chanted ‘Fight for freedom! Stand with Hong Kong!’ as riot police watched from inside the terminals
* Last night demonstrators hurled petrol bombs and police used tear gas and a water cannon laced with dye
* Officers made arrests inside metro stations yesterday and the hospital reported that 31 people were admitted

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside Hong Kong’s international airport today to disrupt travel and try to bring global attention to their fight for democracy following another night of violent protests.

Operators of the Airport Express train said it had suspended services this afternoon, while black-clad protesters – hiding from CCTV cameras under umbrellas – built barricades at the airport bus station.

Planes were taking off and landing with delays, but some passengers were forced to walk the last bit of their journey to the airport by foot, dragging their luggage behind them.

The MTR subway station in Tung Chung was closed and demonstrators smashed CCTV cameras and lamps with metal poles and dismantled station turnstiles.


Protests Continue In Hong Kong — News Updates September 1, 2019

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