Prostitution Booming in New York City Again – Eric Adams Blames Border Crisis

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It’s like the 1970s all over again.

New York City is filled with crime, dirty streets, and now prostitution as well. The sharp rise in illegal immigrants has brought with it a boom in the industry of selling sex. All that’s missing now is peepshows and a resurgence in the use of crack.

Mayor Eric Adams is blaming this on the border crisis and for once, he is right.

The New York Post reports:

Migrants are behind boom in NYC’s red-light district, Eric Adams says

Mayor Eric Adams has blamed the rise in prostitution in a Queens neighborhood on an influx of female Venezuelan migrants who are struggling to find other work in the Big Apple.

Hizzoner said the surge in “illegal” activity taking place on street corners in Corona is just “one example” of how the nation’s ongoing migrant crisis is crippling the city.

It is unclear whether the Venezuelan migrants the mayor referenced are being sex-trafficked to perform these acts, or if they are soliciting sex of their own free will.

“This is what happens when you create an atmosphere that people can’t provide for themselves — you can’t work, you can’t provide for your job and have to turn to illegal activities to do so,” Adams told reporters during a Tuesday briefing.

“When I talk about the spiraling impact of how this is going to affect our city, this is what I’m talking about,” he said. “We are going to create generational problems based on the failure of the national government, and this is one example of that.”

Breitbart News has more:

Prostitutes have even been seen working in the neighborhood during the day and sometimes soliciting children as they leave school. New York Mayor Eric Adams, who previously warned that the migrant crisis would dramatically alter his city, said that the eruption in prostitution just represents yet another example of its impact.

Adams told reporters that he has visited the area himself and confirmed that “illegal” activity has been taking place. Though he said that a majority of the sex workers are Venezuelan women migrants, he did not say if they were prostitutes prior to arrival or if they turned to it as a means of survival.

New York City flourished under Rudy Giuliani and that New York is already long gone.


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