President Trump’s Silence On The Armenia – Azerbaijan War Is Raising Concerns Among The U.S.-Armenian Community

USA World
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President Trump’s silence on a weeks-long conflict in the southern Caucasus is roiling the Armenian community in the U.S., which is expressing outrage over a lack of action by the administration. 
The Armenian American community, which numbers about 1.5 million, has called for the president and Congress to condemn Azerbaijan for an outbreak of fighting last month in the contested territory of Nagorno-Karabakh that they view as part of their historic homeland. 
They are further outraged by Turkey’s interference in the conflict and the president’s unwillingness to condemn Ankara. 
WNU Editor: President Trump did issue a statement at the beginning of the conflict …. Trump Says U.S. Will Try to Stop Armenia, Azerbaijan War As Nations Urge Calm (Newsweek). But then he got sick. There is an election. And quite frankly there is little that the US can do in this conflict. But words from the US President do have an impact. Both at home and abroad. And he should make them.