President Trump: Iran Will ‘Never’ Get A Nuclear Weapon

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Daily Mail: Donald Trump insists Iran will ‘NEVER’ get a nuclear weapon after Tehran declares it’s no longer bound by Obama-era pledge to slow down uranium enrichment

* President Trump vowed Monday Iran ‘will never have a nuclear weapon’
* His words came a day after Tehran with drew from the 2015 nuclear pact
* Pact was designed to keep Iran from being able to power a nuclear warhead
* Trump with drew from the pact in 2015
* His administration argues Iran wasn’t following it anyway

Donald Trump on Monday insisted Iran will ‘never’ get a nuclear weapon, a vow that came a day after Tehran said it would no longer abide by the 2015 pact designed to limit its ability to build a weapon

‘IRAN WILL NEVER HAVE A NUCLEAR WEAPON!,’ the president tweeted in all capital letters.

On Sunday, Iran announced it would no longer follow the 2015 Obama-era agreement that muzzled its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. Trump had formally withdrawn the U.S. from the treaty last year.

An Iranian government spokesman said that Tehran would now base its uranium enrichment levels on its own technical needs rather than the agreement’s limits.


WNU Editor: Not going to happen …. Trump could still renegotiate Iran nuclear deal: White House (Al Jazeera).

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