President Trump Declares ‘Truth Is a Force Of Nature!’ After Today’s Testimony From Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller

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Daily Mail: ‘TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE!’ Trump takes victory lap and THANKS Democrats for holding hearings where dazed Mueller bumbled through answers and was an ’embarrassment for the Democrats’

* Donald Trump rendered a six-word verdict on the Mueller hearings: ‘TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE!’
* Hotly anticipated one-two punch of congressional hearings began for Robert Mueller, the former special counsel tasked with a sweeping Russia probe
* Hearings before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, both run by Democrats who are hungry to hurt Donald Trump’s re-election prospects
* Democrats immediately got Mueller to say his report did not exonerate Trump and that the president could be charged after he left office
* Mueller said internal guidelines informed his decision not to make a determination on charging Trump
* He later went further, saying he didn’t indict Trump because of the guidelines
* Quizzed on report section on Trump saying: ‘I’m f*****’ after learning of Mueller’s appointment
* Pushes off questions on the Golden Showers dossier
* Trump thanks Judiciary for hearing
* Tweets at end of the hearings: ‘TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE!’
* Intel panel chair Adam Schiff charges Trump with ‘disloyalty to country’
* Asked for multiple lawmakers to repeat questions, failed to recall his own first appointment by Ronald Reagan
* Republicans brought up the ‘FBI lovers,’ ask why his report doesn’t mention impeachment
* President started the day by making his case on Twitter, booming that Democrats ‘illegally fabricate[d] a crime’ to bounce him from office
* He baited Mueller, saying he had denied the former FBI chief the chance to come take the job again just one day before he took on the job of investigating him
* Lines formed late Tuesday night outside a congressional office building

President Donald Trump cheered Robert Mueller’s testimony Wednesday moments after the former special counsel wrapped up his appearance before his second of two congressional committees.

‘TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE!’ Trump tweeted, celebrating a long-sought hearing that Democrats hoped might bring new national awareness of the details of Mueller’s 448-page report.

Instead, Trump, his campaign, and his allies were ridiculing Mueller’s performance, following a pair of televised hearings where the longtime prosecutor and former FBI director stumbled during some answers, failed to recall details of his report – and turned down multiple opportunities to deliver a stern lecture to Trump or his campaign.

‘I would like to thank the Democrats for holding this morning’s hearing,’ Trump tweeted following Mueller’s first appearance, before the House Judiciary Committee.


WNU Editor: President Trump’s Twitter feed is “relishing” all of this (President Trump’s Twitter Feed).

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