President Harris? VP Strongly Suggests she will Take Over Soon

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Last Updated on September 6, 2023

In a recent interview, Vice President Harris strongly suggested that she will be taking over as president soon. Many now speculate if Biden will announce he has long Covid and is stepping down due to health reasons. Biden could also pardon Hunter on any new charges he is facing before leaving office. During the 2020 riots, Harris bailed Antifa rioters out of jail. This, as Trump and his supporters continue to be arrested on trumped-up charges. Clearly, globalists have transitioned America into a banana republic.

Harris said, “Every Vice President understands when they take the oath, they must be very clear about the responsibility they have to take over the job of being president, I am no different.”

Democrats love using the mainstream media to drop hints about their future plans, Harris’ statement is a clear indication that some within the DNC are ready to pull the plug on Biden and insert Harris as POTUS.

One theory is that the Democrats will use Covid as the reasoning behind Biden’s departure. This plan kills two birds with one stone. It gets rid of Biden and it gives President Harris an excuse to reinstitute Covid mandates. Inserting Harris now also kills any possibility of a competitive Democrat Primary. The Left has been determined to kill their primary process since Berine Sanders’ 2016 primary run.

The report that Hunter Biden is facing more charges adds to the theory that Joe will be stepping down soon. Biden could easily pardon his son as his last act as president.

Harris’ pending promotion highlights how far America’s justice system has fallen. During the 2020 riots, Harris used her social media accounts to bail Antifa rioters out of jail. One of the people Ms. Harris helped bailout went on to murder someone.

Harris is in line for a promotion, Hunter is in line for a pardon and Donald Trump and his supporters are being arrested. Clearly America’s justice system is not well.

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