President-Elect Biden Calls Today’s Washington DC Protests Acts Of Sedition.

USA World
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President-elect Biden offered an uncharacteristically explosive condemnation of the violence that broke out at the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday after Trump supporters charged police and stormed the building as lawmakers attempted to certify Biden’s victory. 
Biden called the breach an “unprecedented assault” on the “citadel of liberties” and the “public servants who work at the heart of our republic.” 
Biden spoke at length during a press conference in Delaware as a mob of hundreds of Trump supporters occupied the U.S. Capitol, in opposition to President Trump, who called on them to be peaceful and go home. 
“This is not dissent. It’s disorder. It’s chaos. And it borders on sedition,” Biden said, adding that it “must end now.” 
WNU Editor: He did not call out President Trump by name when he said this was sedition. But you can tell in the above video that he is itching to accuse President Trump of treason.