Poza Rica, Veracruz: Grupo Tercios Employ Pickaxes To Dispose Of Their Captives

Latin America World

“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

For that broadcast a shirtless male on his knees gave up details about illicit activities that involved the Jalisco New Generation Cartel in and around the city of Poza Rica, Veracruz.
At the time of that previous article’s release it was suspected that their captive was killed off camera afterwards. And here with this film all doubts are cleared about what actually happens with their prisoners. 
Two males are kneeling front and center before the contingent of hitmen. The kneeling man on the left is alive. 
While his partner on the right appears to be a deceased male who has been propped up for the recording of this film. The dismembered parts of another man can be seen in front of everyone. 
Video translation is as follows:

This message goes out to everyone who’s working independently. Store owners, H’s and the Charitas. We’re going to fucking destroy all of you. Keep thinking that nothing is going to happen to you guys. We’re the ones in charge here. We will snatch you out of your homes in the same manner that we removed these dumb asses that you see here. All the heads of the taxi syndicates need to fall into formation with us. Otherwise, you will end up cut into little pieces here. 
Sincerely, Grupo Tercios 
Jefe 01 and Jefe L01
Hitmen scream in unison: We are Grupo Tercios!