Polls Predict A Comfortable Win For The UK Conservatives When Voters Go To the Polls This Thursday

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Reuters: Poll predicts UK Conservatives to win majority of 38 in election: Sunday Times

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party is on course to win a parliamentary majority of 38 seats in Thursday’s election, according to a new poll, the Sunday Times’ political editor reported.

A Datapraxis poll, using the multilevel regression and post-stratification (MRP) model, predicted that the Conservatives would win 344 seats, with the opposition Labour Party taking 221, the Times’s Tim Shipman said on Twitter.


WNU Editor: I am skeptical that this is going to happen …. Calls grow to stop Boris Johnson with tactical voting as race tightens (The Guardian).

Update: When you are enjoying an eight to ten point lead, that is usually more than enough to form a majority government …. Knife-edge? UK’s Johnson ahead but polls suggest majority might be tough (Reuters).

Update #2: My U.K. election prediction. My gut tells me that everyone has already made up their minds on who they re going to vote for. The Tories are going to win with a comfortable majority, and  Brexit will be a “fait-accompli” at the beginning of the new year.

More News On A Number Of Polls Published Today On The U.K. Election

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