Poll: The Population Of Donbas Believes Russia Is Not Involved In The War

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An armed pro-Russian militant stands guard at a barricade outside the village of Shchastya near the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk on May 14, 2014. Photo by AFP

Kyiv Post: Survey: Population of occupied Donbas believes Russia not involved in war

A majority of people living in the occupied Donbas think Russia has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine, a new poll suggests.

According to its results, 76% of people living in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts believe that Ukraine is experiencing a civil war, not fighting against Russian-backed militants.

The sociological survey was conducted by New Image Marketing Group in partnership with the Dzerkalo Tyzhnya newspaper and published on Nov. 9. However, the firm’s website was hacked, so the results are currently only available on Dzerkalo Tyzhnya‘s site.


WNU Editor: This poll is actually an indication to me on how much the politics of Ukraine has changed since the election of Zelensky. Under the former regime of Poroshenko, they would never have permitted this poll to be published on a Ukrainian news website like the Kyiv Post. As to the poll itself, I agree with it 100%. It confirms my opinion on what do the people in Donbas really feel. Mind you, they would disagree with the title of this Kyiv post …. they do not feel that they are occupied. One more thing that I would add is that if this poll was taken in the regions on the Ukrainian side of the conflict zone where the population is majority Russian-Ukrainian, it would produce the same results as this poll.

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