Police Crack Down On Anti-Kremlin Protests In Russia’s Far East

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Police in the far east of Russia have used force to break up anti-government demonstrations. 
Twenty-five people were arrested in the city of Khabarovsk on Saturday, according to local reports. 
The city has seen months of protests over the arrest of a popular governor, who is accused of involvement in multiple murders. 
Sergei Furgal denies the charges against him, and his supporters say the case is politically motivated. 
Although the protests have been unsanctioned, they were previously tolerated by authorities. 
WNU Editor: The Kremlin was hoping that with time these protests would dissipate. They miscalculated. The numbers that show up at these demonstrations are massive. Bottom line. This crackdown is not going to change what is happening on the ground in Russia’s Far East. 
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