PESP apprehends armed group with armor plated Jeep

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Caborca, Sonora – In an operational deployment on Wednesday in the area of ​​the municipalities surrounding Caborca, officers of the State Public Security Police (PESP) managed to arrest five armed men in an armored plated car.

The events transpired during a night operation on the road that leads to the Ejido known as “El Arenoso”, where five people of foreign origin were arrested, Donal “N”, Marlon “N”, José “N”, Héctor “N” and Celvin “N” of 34, 18, 40, 28 and 29 years of age, respectively.

The subjects had on ballistic vests when they were caught in a Jeep Grand Cherokee that had armor plating, it was driven by Celvin “N” and accompanied by the four subjects mentioned.

The state police asked them to get off the vehicle, and found that they had a total of four rifles, two of them are AK-47’s known as “Cuernos de Chivo”. Two rifles caliber 2.23mm, each with its magazine , and more than 90 rounds.

The PESP officers will continue in permanent operation throughout the region fighting directly against anyone who attempts to resort to criminal behavior, this with the support and in coordination with authorities of the three levels of government, in addition to continuing to respond to citizen complaints through the lines of emergencies 9-1-1 and 089 for anonymous report.
NOTE: They are presumed innocent until their responsibility is declared by the judicial authority. (Article 13 of the CNPP).

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