Pentagon War Gamers Predict A Destabilizing Time When China Achieves Conventional Military Parity With The U.S.

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Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group.

Breaking Defense: DoD War Games Predict ‘Extremely Destabilizing’ Chinese Military Parity

“If we do come to blows with China, it’s gonna be very confused for the first 30 or 45 days, and then we must fight in a distributed fashion,” said Maj. Gen. Tracy King, Marine Corps’ director of Expeditionary Warfare.

WASHINGTON: Worried about America’s eroding dominance at sea, the Pentagon has been running through a series of war games to shake out a plan to stay ahead of the rapid-fire Chinese military modernization effort.

“The most destabilizing event in the 21st century is going to be when China can achieve conventional parity at a time and place of its choosing,” Maj. Gen. Tracy King, the Marine Corps’ Director of Expeditionary Warfare said during an online event today. “These war games are reinforcing that fact. So when they are able to do that, and when they can decide whether or not we’re going or fight or not, that’s going to be extremely destabilizing.”

In an attempt to forestall parity, the Navy and Pentagon leadership are working on a force structure plan that includes more unmanned ships, smaller vessels that would be harder to hit, and long-range weapons that could hold Chinese ships at a distance.

Part of the assessment includes a hard look at how the Navy and Marine Corps would get inside the A2/AD defenses China has built up along its coast and the island chains in the South China Sea.


WNU Editor: I give it ten more years when we are at that point that China can easily dominate any US conventional  military response in Asia.