Outside Of Warzone Latin America With 400 Homicides A Day Is The World’s Most Violent Place

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People near bullet casings at a crime scene after a shootout in the municipality of Tuzamapan, in the Mexican state of Veracruz, May 16, 2019. REUTERS/Yahir Ceballos

Business Insider: 400 murders a day: 10 reasons why Latin America is the world’s most violent place

* Outside of active war zones, Latin America is the world’s most violent region, despite some variations among countries there.
* No single thing explains why there’s so much bloodshed, but there are several factors common throughout the region.

Latin America is home to about 8% of the world’s population but has about one-third of its homicides — in 2016, that meant some 400 homicides a day, or roughly 146,000 a year. But the bloodshed is not evenly distributed.

In Mexico, the region’s second most populous country, 33,753 homicide victims in 2018 set a record for the second year in a row; 17,142 victims in the first half of this year likely means 2019 will set a new mark.


WNU Editor:I suspect that even this 400 number is a low estimate.