Ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales leaves Cuba after two days

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  The Guardian and Reuters

Below; Morales landed in Argentina today where he applied for refugee status

A photograph provided by the Argentine Workers’ Centre shows Evo Morales signing a document to formally request refugee status in Argentina on Thursday.

Bolivian ex-president Evo Morales arrived on Thursday in Argentina, where he will be granted refugee status, Argentine Foreign Minister Felipe Sola said.
Mr. Morales was granted asylum to travel to Argentina and had made the request for refugee status to stay, Mr. Sola said on the news channel TN. Four other people had also requested asylum, Mr. Sola said.
Mr. Morales had previously been in Mexico, where he was granted asylum after his resignation in the wake of a disputed election which the Organization of American States said was rigged in his favor.
Mr. Morales, a socialist who had been in power for nearly 14 years, thanked Argentina and Mexico for their “support and solidarity” in a tweet after arriving in Argentina.
Sola says they will ask him to refrain from interfering in Bolivian politics from his new home.
“We want Evo to commit to not making political statements in Argentina,” Solá was quoted as saying by the newspaper La Nación. “This is a condition we have requested.”


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