OOF! Former Obama Adviser David Axelrod Calls Biden’s ABC Interview ‘Sad’ and Says He is ‘Dangerously Out of Touch’ (VIDEO)

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Former Obama adviser David Axelrod appeared on CNN this weekend to offer his assessment of Biden’s interview on CNN and it was pretty brutal.

He called the interview ‘sad’ and suggested that Biden is dangerously out of touch. He also concurred with many other people who have said that the interview did nothing to calm the nerves of Democrat voters.

This has to sting the Biden White House because David Axelrod worked closely with Biden in the Obama administration.

The Hill reports:

Axelrod post-interview: Biden ‘dangerously out of touch’ with voter concerns

Democratic strategist David Axelrod warned that President Biden is “dangerously out of touch” with voters on the issue of his age and health following Biden’s highly anticipated sit-down interview on ABC News.

“The president is rightfully proud of his record. But he is dangerously out-of-touch with the concerns people have about his capacities moving forward and his standing in this race,” Axelrod wrote in a post on the social platform X. “Years ago at this time, he was 10 points ahead of Trump. Today, he is six points behind.”

Axelrod’s comments came shortly after Biden’s full interview with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos aired Friday evening. The interview was the first since Biden’s widely panned debate performance against former President Trump last week.

Throughout the interview, Biden described that debate performance as “a bad night.”

Watch the segment below:

The writing is on the wall.

Will Obama be the next person to say something like this?