On Oct 29th: “We will present a minute by minute report of the operation in Culiacán”… AMLO

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“The whole truth will be presented to the people of Mexico”…..AMLO
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The president said that the commitment to report on the events of the October 17 operation will be forwarded.
“Minute by minute, the whole truth will be presented to the people of Mexico.” he said.
The president explained that the security cabinet is working  on the preparation of the report that ‘it will be an exhaustive presentation because it is our responsibility, complete transparency, not to hide absolutely anything, to tell the truth’.
On Thursday, October 17, the Ministry of National Defense led an operation to complete an order for extradition to the United States against Ovidio Guzmán Loera in Culiacán, Sinaloa.
However, in the city they unleashed several shootings so the security cabinet made the decision not to continue with the operation, a situation that President López Obrador authorized. Afterwards, security members acknowledged that it was a failed operation.
On October 23 the president was to detail the report  in chronological order, since the actions began on October 17, when the decision was made to stop the operation so that  an arrest warrant would be completed for the extradition of Ovid Guzmán, until tranquility returned to Culiacán.
He announced that there are several arrest warrants in force for extradition to the United States, cases in which his government will decide autonomously and “will not receive orders from foreign governments”.
The report will be presented on Tuesday, October 29, prior to the appearance before the Senate of the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Alfonso Durazo Montaño, to explain the reasons for the operation.


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