Ometepec, Guerrero: The remnants of Beltrán Leyva “Vieja Escuela” Announce Purge

Latin America World

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Sol Prendido

Sicarios of the “Vieja
Escuela”, remnants of The Beltran Leyva Cartel, announce a clean Ometepec, Guerrero
and threaten extortionists, those who collect fees and kill innocents who have been
located and will be exterminated.

The Video translation by Sol Prendido  is as follows:

Sicario #1: This communication
goes out to Ometepec and it’s surroundings. You are hereby advised that we are
currently present in this area doing our purge of scum. We’re going after all
those rats who are kidnapping, extorting, taxing, and and selling drugs.

We are a mob who only dedicates
itself to narco trafficking. And we don’t have a need to bother citizens who
work for a living. We don’t have to do other shit to support ourselves either.
For al the people who work for a living: Transport companies, commercial
enterprises and business men. Keep doing what you normally do because we won’t
be bothering you for anything.

We already have every scum bag
that we’re going after identified and located. Primarily the fucking kidnappers
and extortionists who belong to Dorian Shege. That’s that scum bag who is
killing taxi drivers and innocent civilians to generate fear and charge
taxation’s. El Gafe is another one of those faggots from that gang of
extortionists. Elvis Carvajal and Beto Saqualpan, they’re all the same shit.

We’re going to kill them for
being the thieving rats that they are. Just as well we already have the
locations and addresses for all their gunmen and lookouts. They will all end up
dead like their thieving faggot bosses. And for all the branches of government
you are hereby advised that this war is not against any of you.

Allow us to do our jobs so that
Ometepec can return to peace. We are standing firm in Ometepec. And defending
our motto: Zero robberies, zero kidnappings, and zero extortions. Sincerely,
The Vieja Escuela mob assholes!

Sicarios in unison scream:
Absolute mob of the Vieja Escuela motherfuckers!

Sicario #2: La Barredora has
arrived you fucks!