Nueva Plaza video: “El 85 lost Colima and half of Jalisco, Mencho refused to help his release”

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The Nueva Plaza Cartel sends a two part video the message goes to El Tanque, El Jardinero, El Mencho, Armando Valencia and Juan Carlos El Patron 3.

They claims El 85  lost Colima and half of Jalisco when he was arrested and Mencho did not help finance his release.
And El 53 [a founder of CJNG] killed in Carls Jr, was working with Erik Valencia El 85, but was summoned to a meeting and executed to render El 85 without power.
Read narrative below; translation by Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

This video goes out to all those who have been betrayed, humiliated and overpowered by the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación. I was once a member of it. But where was the loyalty, honor and justice?

That’s why I invite you to join me. The Old School is the only road.

What happened Don Erick [el85]? As soon as you fell into prison the old man forgot that you were a boss and partners. They took away from you the whole state of Colima and half of Jalisco. Go ahead and tell me how much El Mencho helped you to get out of jail?

They killed our friend el 53 at a meeting. They also lifted 8 men from a whorehouse in Zapopan (Zapopan, Jalisco). The same ones that were found inside an office in Cuidad Granja (Cuidad Granja Zapopan, Jalisco. They were kidnapped by Colombians wearing sportswear. I don’t have foreigners within my ranks. Therefore I distance myself from that crime. And now look at what you’ve been reduced to. To nothing. So that you wouldn’t be a threat.

And what happened my friend Sapo? I thought you were so brave.

I already heard that they took away from you El Gringos property. Didn’t it hurt you so much that you made war with the government about it? Something that you never bothered to do for your murdered brother. And yet there you remain a faithful dog. Well, here it goes. I heard you’re in the way. Be fucking ready because you’re not expected to be around by years end.

What’s going on my buddy Danny? We need to put our differences aside. They took you out of Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Jalisco) and Tlaquepaque (Tlaquepaque, Jalisco). They called to a meeting 04 and 05 as well as your brother El Panadero (The Baker). At the meeting they were killed. And they left your brother almost dead.

What happened to El Morrito? They called him to a meeting and killed him also. Where was the appreciation for the old man that you bragged so much about? The only thing that you can count on now is the 40 years they gave you.
Don Isidro always took care of the old man on his property for many years. But simple gossip was able to achieve more than his loyalty. And they took away from you La Huerta (La Huerta, Jalisco) and Casimiro (Casimiro Castillo, Jalisco). And they gave it to that bald dumbass Pedula.

What was returned to you once Pedula fell? Nothing! Not a fucking thing. Slip the fuck up a bit and you’ll end up working for a 20 percent cut like El Morocho.

How are you Tanque? You’re spending your time in Veracruz from the fear of being killed. You’re not about doing anything. Look at me I’m here. And all because of the stories that Juan Carlos made.

I’m sorry, I meant “JEFE 3” [El 3 stepson of El Mencho] Hopefully, I won’t get killed for that mistake. They banned your forte, the extortion. They kicked you out of Tlajomulco (Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco). They killed your 2 nephews. And you ran away far from the fighting. I thought you said Los Tornados don’t back down?

Jardinero (Gardner) I don’t personally know you. But I did see you on 3 occasions. I don’t have much to say to you because you are old in the business.

I exhort you not to let Juan Carlos into Tepic because Tamaulipas sends him where he began.

Mencho; stop believing what your stepson says. That’s just not true. Look, no one knows who works for who here. I say this because of Armando Valencia, father of Juan Carlos El 3. Because it seems that they are clearing the way for them to sit on the throne you claim to have.

Look the only people who fall and are killed are your people. The blood cries out from the ground. Open your eyes. Because being first in homicides does not speak well in the control you claim to have in the state.
And having me as an enemy in addition to being alive it becomes clear for us without having to compete. Plus what little you have and what’s left. You have so because of betrayal. Ask him about your compadre Veracruz if he remembers where he buried him because he offended Juan Carlos, El 3.

You’ll see that I’m not lying on this matter. I’m not asking you to join me. Only that you not intervene for a cause that doesn’t exist.

Mencho’s problem is his ambition. And that’s going to end. I can handle these issues. They’re only able to kill people bound and gagged. That’s why there are so many houses full of dead innocent people.

Mencho, Sinaloa is too great for you to handle. But just so you see that I’m all about business I’m willing to leave you a 30 percent cut. Because 20 percent isn’t enough for anyone to live on. I’ll also withdraw my troops so that you can give your government that so called peace you promised them.

Nueva Plaza


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