NRA melts down over Walmart decision to reduce its ammo sales

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Weeks after two deadly shootings in their stores, Walmart announced Tuesday that it would stop selling ammunition for assault-style rifles and handguns. The National Rifle Association (NRA), which claims to be the nation’s “oldest civil rights organization” and a fierce defender of the free market, responded by accusing the retail giant of attacking the Second Amendment.

Walmart faced considerable pressure from its own employees and customers to reduce or eliminate the sale of guns and ammunition in light of the latest deadly mass shootings. Stores in El Paso, Texas, and in Mississippi last month were the latest Walmart locations to be home to such attacks.

After making the announcement, the NRA quickly called the company’s decision a “shameful” cave to the “pressure of the anti-gun elites.”


The NRA wrote that the “strongest defense of freedom has always been our free market economy.” But apparently, their support for the free market does not include companies getting to choose which goods and services to sell.