North Korea Says It Has Developed A ‘Tactical Nuclear Attack Submarine’

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Washington Post: North Korea says it has produced a ‘tactical nuclear attack submarine’ 

SEOUL — North Korea claimed Friday to have launched a new “tactical nuclear attack submarine,” in a ceremony full of pomp and self-congratulation at the Sinpho shipyard on the North’s east coast. 

Leader Kim Jong Un, in a beige suit and a borrowed naval cap, said that the new submarine was capable of “both preemptive and retaliatory strike,” the North’s official Korean Central News Agency reported Friday morning. 

North Korea had a “plan to remodel existing medium-sized submarines into offensive ones loaded with tactical nuclear weapons to play an important role in the modern warfare,” state media quoted Kim as saying. He described the approach as a “low-cost ultra-modernization strategy.” 

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WNU Editor: I am skeptical on the capabilities of this submarine. But it is a great PR moment for leader Kim Jong Un. 

 North Korea Says It Has Developed A ‘Tactical Nuclear Attack Submarine’  

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