No U.S. Aid To Ukraine Until (Maybe) Next Month

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Bloomberg: Ukraine Aid From US Won’t Be Approved for a Month, Maybe Longer 

New US aid for Ukraine risks slipping to mid-December and maybe longer, casting doubt on Washington’s ability to keep up the flow of weapons that both the Biden administration and the Ukrainian government say is vital. 

Ukraine’s congressional backers are engaged in a tough battle over an expansive aid package whose fate is now enmeshed in a partisan fight over border policies and torn from must-pass bills that would prompt swift action. 

The soonest Congress could complete negotiations and pass new Ukraine assistance is mid-December, nearly two months after President Joe Biden first requested $61 billion for the country in its war against Russia. The US has begun restricting the flow of military assistance because of the wait, according to a Defense Department spokeswoman.  

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Update: Biden signs funding bill that excludes Ukraine (RT)  

WNU Editor: I still believe a US aid package to Ukraine will be approved in the coming months. But it is going to be nowhere near the $61 billion that President Biden has requested.