Night Landings Make The B-2 Bomber Look Like A UFO

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Popular Mechanics: I Want To Believe: Night Landings Make the B-2 Bomber Look Like a UFO

The night landing almost makes the aircraft look like it’s hovering in the sky.

* Two B-2A bombers landed at RAF Fairford in the U.K. this week as part of the U.S. Air Force’s efforts to conduct “joint and allied training in Europe to improve bomber interoperability.”
* The two bombers were captured by plane spotter Ben Ramsay, who caught their otherworldly approach to the English airfield.
* The two bombers departed from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, where B-2 bombers usually carry out operations.

An impressive new video shows a pair of B-2A Spirit stealth bombers landing at a Royal Air Force base in the UK. The landing took place at night, and the photographer’s perspective makes the flying wings appear to hover in midair, like a UFO.

The two big bombers, flying towards the videographer, briefly appear to hover in the sky. In reality the planes were traveling at more than a hundred miles an hour, on final approach to the air base.


WNU Editor: When you look at a plane approaching you at night, and if it has its front lights on and it is far away, it would like it is stationary in the sky. The B-2 is not the only jet that can do this.

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