newt gingrich trump not obama gets credit for booming economy

Newt Gingrich: Trump, Not Obama, Gets Credit for Booming Economy


Anyone “who is serious” knows that the booming economy has nothing to do with former President Barack Obama and the credit should go to President Donald Trump and Republicans, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Monday.

“We cut taxes and regulations, we encouraged businesses, we particularly encouraged the dramatic development of energy,” Gingrich told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,”  while disagreeing with contentions Democratic candidate Sen. Cory Booker made over the weekend.

“We now have dramatically bigger exports. Actually, the most recent data is that the poorest one-fourth of the country is getting a bigger pay raise than are people in the upper-income levels. So this is the right kind of recovery.”

Blue collar workers also are returning to the workforce, and manufacturing is growing dramatically, noted Gingrich, and none of it has anything to do with Obama, whose policies and those of the “socialist Democrats” are about “high taxes, big regulations, and anti-business attitudes.”

Further, the Obama economy averaged 1.6% growth, but Trump has beaten that since becoming president, Gingrich said.

Trump’s approval is currently at 46% and Gingrich said he wants the number to be higher, but that will take “persistent effort.”

“Remember, he is just coming out from under 92% negative press coverage, a two-year investigation that turned out to be totally phony,” said Gingrich. “I don’t know of any president in our lifetime who has carried as many negative burdens from the political class as President Trump has.”


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