New Video Emerges 22 Years After The 9/11 Attacks

USA World

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WNU Editor: For more info on the above video …. Mysterious 9/11 video that emerged on YouTube 20 years after atrocity (Mirror). 

WNU Editor: I was in my office 22 years ago when I noticed that the browser on my computer was very slow. I was trying to load CNN, and it would just not load. My guess was that CNN’s servers had crashed, but I could not load any other news services like the BBC, CBC, France24, AP, etc.. That was when I knew something was wrong. 

I was finally able to load some news from the CBC, and it was then that I knew what was happening. While wondering how could a passenger plane pilot make such a catastrophic mistake, news of a second plane hitting the next tower was being reported. I knew right away that the U.S. was under a coordinated attack, and I made the decision to go home. 

While driving home I called my brother who was living in California to tell him that the U.S. mainland was under attack. After a minute my connection to him died. I learned later from my brother that when I called him I actually woke him up (it was 6:45am his time), and by telling him that New York and Washington were under attack his first thought was that a nuclear attack was underway. 

Getting home I had 3 VCRs, and I started to record the news from the CBC, ABC News, and NBC. I knew history was happening, and I wanted my own archive. I recorded the news from those channels for the next 36 hours, and when finished I took the tapes and put them aside to look at them later. 

Twenty-two years later, I took the tapes out last night, and watched some of it for the first time. 

Sighhhh …. 

It does not get old. It feels like yesterday.