Narcomessage found next to dismembered victim in Veracruz

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 “stevectpa” and “Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat; Letra Roja

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A man known as “El Sombra” was found dismembered in the municipality of Fortín, Veracruz. Next to his body his killers left a narcomessage (narcomensaje). Investigators said the body was found in Dante Delgado neighborhood. Elements of the Veracruz State Police were mobilized to carry out the legal proceedings. The victim was identified as Alejandro López Nieves. Apparently he was kidnapped last Friday when he was driving through the Fortín-Huatusco highway. The narco-message text below:

“This was my fate for going around kidnapping. Just as well for supporting the dirty Zetas. This message also goes out to the SSP (Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Security). You guys were giving covert support. The purge continues in the following areas of Veracruz: Fortín, Colonia San José, Monte Blanco, Chocamán, and Huatusco. Greetings to Miguel Soledad of the SSP.”