Mysterious Dagger-Shaped Object Spotted In Area-51 Hangar

USA World

GABE ZEIFMAN Warzone/The Drive: Let’s Talk About This Intriguing Object Seen In The Scoot-And-Hide Hangar At Area 51 

A recent photo taken of Groom Lake by a private pilot shows what appears to be a dagger-shaped object in one of the facility’s aircraft shelters. 
Private pilot Gabriel Zeifman, who has taken aerial shots of Area 51, also known as Groom Lake, the U.S. Air Force’s famous clandestine flight test center in Nevada, as well as other shy installations, in the past and whose flights we were first to report on, grabbed new pictures of the facility on Christmas Day. Zeifman shared his latest batch of images with numerous outlets via a public link, which has drawn new interest in the base. Overall, they are very similar to past images, but they do include a particularly good view of an elongated hangar-like structure, known as scoot-and-hide shelter, which appears to have a strangely shaped object of some kind visible inside. We have received dozens of inquires asking about this object and the shelter that it sits in, so we thought we would address them in a new post. 
WNU Editor: This is what a scoot-and-hide shelter looks like.