Mumbai: Crime Branch Busts Inter-State Drug Smuggling Gang With Middle East Connections

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The Crime Branch has recently dismantled an inter-state drug smuggling gang. Further investigations suggest possible links to the Middle East, and the police are actively pursuing this lead.

Unit number six of the Mumbai Crime Branch apprehended nine individuals who were involved in transporting drugs from other states to Mumbai for distribution. Among those arrested is Kainat Khan (32), a female suspect. A Crime Branch official disclosed that Kainat is the wife of Sahil Khan, also known as Massa, one of the primary suspects apprehended in this case. In Massa’s absence, Kainat managed the drug operation.

Sources reveal that Massa had been incarcerated for the past two and a half years, during which time Kainat had taken charge of his drug-related activities. Massa was released from prison in July and immediately resumed drug smuggling. Notably, due to Massa’s extensive criminal record, law enforcement closely monitored his activities upon his release.

Nine held

The Crime Branch successfully arrested a total of nine individuals, including Massa, seizing drugs worth lakhs of rupees.

A Crime Branch official stated that ongoing investigations have unveiled potential connections between this gang and operations in the Middle East. The gang’s ties to Middle Eastern drug syndicates are currently under scrutiny.

Large-scale drug smuggling

Significantly, large-scale drug smuggling from Gulf countries in the Middle East has been observed. Police have uncovered evidence during the interrogation of the arrested suspects that suggests potential links to drug lords involved in Middle Eastern drug smuggling. Law enforcement is actively verifying these connections.

An officer, on the condition of anonymity, said that this gang was responsible for routing shipments of MD drugs to the western suburbs. In fact, these gangs supply approximately 40 percent of the drugs in the suburbs.

The Mumbai Crime Branch team has apprehended nine individuals responsible for drug distribution in Mumbai, originating from other states. The arrested suspects were known to supply drugs to colleges, clubs, and bars in the city.

In August, the Mumbai Crime Branch received intelligence regarding an impending drug shipment to Mumbai. Consequently, the police set up a trap at the Mulund toll post, resulting in the interception of a vehicle. Subsequent searches of the vehicle led to the discovery of drugs, and a total of ten individuals were arrested in connection with this case.

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