Motion to Vacate: Gaetz Signals Support for Deposing Kevin McCarthy

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Last Updated on September 1, 2023

America First Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz blasted GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy for his failures to deliver real results as the Speaker of the House and signaled his support for deposing the Speaker, writing in a tweet that “We are going to have to seize the initiative and make some changes.”

In reposting a news interview in which McCarthy attempted to tout his record as speaker by claiming that he’s made the House “more productive, more open, and more transparent than at any time in recent history,” Gaetz blasted McCarthy’s speakership and signaled his support for filing a Motion to Vacate against the California Congressman, which could lead to the unpopular speaker being replaced.

The Motion to Vacate, a Jeffersonian parliamentary procedure that’s existed throughout American history, was erased by ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and McCarthy fought hard to have it excluded from the House Rules of the 118th Congress. The motion played an integral role in opposition to McCarthy’s speakership campaign, and McCarthy was only elected Speaker of the House (with less than 218 votes) after conceding he’d let the Motion to Vacate stand.

“No vote on Term Limits, no vote on a balanced budget, no plan to have individual appropriations bills considered, no full release of J6 tapes, no spending cut to raise the Debt Limit,” Gaetz wrote in his post to X (Twitter).

“Trump has been charged with 91 counts.”

“We haven’t even subpoenaed Hunter Biden – or any Biden for that matter”, he went on.

“I know it is the tendency of political leaders to self-preen, but the truth is that while some GOP House work has made positive reforms – it isn’t good enough. Not even close, actually.”

We are going to have to seize the initiative and make some changes,” Gaetz concluded, with a legion of X users chiming in to call on the Congressman and his colleagues to file a Motion to Vacate against Kevin McCarthy.

The X post from Gaetz and apparent support for using the Motion to Vacate against Kevin McCarthy come as the speaker’s failures pile up and GOP voters grow more and more impatient as they await the House GOP to take real action against the Biden Regime.

In addition to refusing to release J6 footage to the American People and standing idly by as President Trump is openly politically persecuted ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election, McCarthy has allowed J6 Committee indictments to go unchallenged, despite the fact that, as Speaker of the House, he has the power to rescind criminal referrals filed by Nancy Pelosi and her J6 Committee.

As explained by National File legal contributor Ivan Raiklin, McCarthy has the ability to rescind politically-charged Contempt of Congress indictments against high-level Trump advisors Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, as well as charges filed against virtually all others who were criminally charged for exercising their 1st Amendment rights by Pelosi’s J6 Committee.

But thus far, McCarthy has refused to act, adding yet another issue to the list laid out by Matt Gaetz that could result in McCarthy’s speakership falling to the Motion to Vacate.

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